Tuesday, January 17, 2012

so many exciting things, so little time!

this week has started off on a good great foot for many reasons!

first off, my girls had a basketball tournament this weekend where they took 3rd place! honestly, they should've went on to the championship game, but we lost by 3 points in overtime, bummer! either way, i am super proud of all they accomplished this weekend and this season so far. they are working hard, improving and they deserved to have something to show for it, in this case, it was a t-shirt. they also think that Coach owes them DQ for winning, but we'll see how well the Coach's budget is doing after rent and student loans (doesn't a high-five cut it anymore?).

also, i found this AMAZING 1/2 marathon in Vancouver on August 11th and the best part of it, it's sponsored by LULULEMON! anyone who knows me, knows that i am obsessed with this brand. some people think it's overpriced, i see it as an investment for living a healthy lifestyle fashionably and comfortably :)
either way, i REALLY want to go to Vancouver and i REALLY want to run in this 1/2 marathon....stay tuned (and keep your fingers crossed!).

this week is going to be super eventful, exhausting and fun! first off, my MF and i are celebrating our one year, ONE YEAR on friday! that's crazy to me, i know a lot of people say, i cannot believe it's already been a year, but seriously, i CANNOT believe it's already been one year. also, i start my yoga teacher training this weekend at CorePower Yoga. i am B E Y O N D excited! this could be a start of a new career away from my cubicle and onto my mat, could a girl ask for anything more? last thing, i am hosting a Pure Romance party at my house this saturday evening, so my house will be filled with friends, laughs and wine!

i am hoping i will be able to check in and maintain my resolution of BLOGGING MORE, but only time will tell!!!

always striving for more,
dee b.

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