Friday, March 9, 2012

.:reunited and it feels so good!:.

i know most of you loyal followers (making that plural may be a little TOO confident), have been checking my blog daily wondering where the heck i've been since my last post (i am ashamed to say that it has be well over a month).

anyway, i am back and it feels so good! this post symbolizes a lot more for me than having 20 minutes to fill you in on my life, but it also means that my life and schedule is drastically slowing down which i desperately need!

the past 4 weeks has been filled with lots of cube-sitting, basketball coaching, yoga training, no sleep (ok, i got a few hours), eating whatever and whenever i can and awesome memories! it has been a ton of fun, minus the cube-sitting, but bills have to get paid, right?.

i have been on a search for an outlet from my cubicle job (for when baskeball ends) that would also be a supplemental income. the idea of becoming a yoga instructor has always been on the back of my mind. however, i thought it was going to stay there for a verrrry long time and for many reasons. a few reasons include i couldn't afford the program, i didn't have enough time and i didn't think i was cut out to teach yoga. one afternoon as i was sitting in my cube researching the program further, it seemed as though all the stars aligned and it was meant for me to go through Yoga Sculpt teach training at CorePower Highland Park , i mean why not throw another thing on my plate, right?

in all seriousness, the training schedule hardly interferred with my basketball schedule and i was offered a scholarship to help relieve the cost of the program! i was literally sitting in my cube, doubting myself with butterflies in my stomach (of excitement/nerves) and tears in my eyes thinking about how i couldn't deny myself this opportunity.....could i?

a HUGE thanks goes out to the manager at CorePower Highland Park. her willingness to help in anyway possible, believing in me when i didn't and giving me that extra push was the ultimate deciding factor. so i joined 24 other yogis on a journey.....

along this journey, we spent over 40 hours together deepening our individual yoga practice, sweating, counting on the beat (in our 'yoga voice' of course) and lifting each other up in encouragement. outside
of our 'classroom' sessions, we spent many hours going to classes together including a group fitness class at other gyms in the metro. 2 other yogis and i experienced a zumba class at 'The Firm'  in minneapolis, what an experience! i'm convinced it was more striptease than zumba, either way, my hips, knees and arms were definitely not made to coordinate or move in any type of 'striptease' fashion. looks like i'm stuck at UCare making my money....

i thought i was going to be relieved when the training program ended and i would get (some) free time back, but i really miss it! i miss sitting in a studio learning all about Yoga Sculpt with my ohmies. i am SO grateful to both of our beautiful and talented instructors and for all of my fellow ohmies. they supported me in every mistake, triumph and made me get out of my comfort level....along with making me permanently sore for a 4 weeks straight :)

to my fellow ohmis:. you all have touched my life and my practice in SO many ways. we are such a talented and special group of individuals with a passion for yoga, sweat and elevating others. even though most of us are at the beginning stage of teaching, i am so excited to see where this journey brings all of us.


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