Friday, June 22, 2012

as we go on, we remember....

all the times we've had together (now it will be stuck in your head).

this is a special post dedicated to drew's little sister, lizzie! as i mentioned in my last post, she recently graduated from high school and it was so neat to be apart of her celebration! 

i've only known lizzie for a little over 1 year at this point, but it certainly feels longer--in a good way :)

she has obviously been a big part of drew's life, but she has also been a big part of our relationship. it has been such a honor getting to know her, watching her grow and making memories with her. you can tell from the pictures below, she is obviously a bombshell, but she is so much more than that. she excels in everything, from academics to athletics. she decided to become a Bison next year at NDSU, where she has accepted both an academic and soccer scholarship. she has it all--brains, beauty and ability (and boys, she is single). being the youngest of 3, with only brothers, lizzie is the closest thing to a sister that i have, aside from my girlfriends. i have cultivated a sense of responsibility to protect her and always be there for her, supporting her as an older sibling would.

last spring, almost a year to date, lizzie tore her ACL in a big soccer game. having gone through the same injury, drew and i ached for her. although i had just recently met lizzie, i already wanted to protect her from many things, especially the devastation of that particular injury. of course, she took the injury head-on, like many things in her life, and is back on the field with full force. 

we have many more memories that are happier than this one (involving salon trips, anything to do with their grandma, Twitter along with many more) and i certainly hope there are many more (happy) memories to come! 

lizzie--you are such a talented, beautiful young lady and i cannot wait to see you flourish at college. your bubbly personality and bright light will take you many places at NDSU,  in college, your career and beyond. drew and i will miss you so much as you move to Fargo (you must really love soccer :) ), but know that we are only a phone call (or text, or tweet) and 4 hour drive away (if drew lets me drive, 3 1/2). we cannot wait to hear about all your college adventures (we can sensor some for drew's sake) and are so excited for you and the next 4 years, they really are great! keep shining bright and remember, you have already made us so extremely proud!  

(are there enough awards in the background?)

(my hot date)

(they don't look alike at all, do they?)

(lizzie, i hope you don't mind, i totally swiped this off your FB--what a fun group of girls!)

as far as an update with this big move, we are ALMOST totally settled. i never knew that two people could have so many clothes! also, what the heck do you do when you have 2 of almost everything? henry is slowly adjusting to his new home with a bad attitude. we don't let him drink out of the faucets like we did at the old place which makes him crabby, but he is a cat and he will adjust :) 

i am hoping to get some pictures up of the new place (and my growing garden) soon, but i am busier than ever trying to put together the odd ends around our place, nanny-ing a few times a week, and trying to train for this 1/2 marathon in august (which is a whole other battle). this weekend, i am hoping to cross organizing off the list because i am adding, nursing applications to it! i have a strong feeling that i won't be able to throw together an admission essay these days as easy as i did in school.....

until next time!

always striving for more, 
dee b. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the best way of life is to be, simply be.

welcome back, friends!

i was hoping to be writing this post from my new office which would mean i'd be settled after moving which now tells you, i am not settled. i'm ok with that...i suppose!

together, the MF and i decided that we were at a good point in our lives and in our relationship to move in. while he is only moving from the loft of the house to the first floor and i am moving about a mile, it has been a process and A LOT of work! with little help from anyone else (we will admit, we didn't ask for it), we moved my queen bed set, couches (full couch, love seat and lazy boy), china hutch, dresser, coffee table, entertainment center and the rest of my belongings to our place.

we definitely made some new memories in this move, one of them including his grandma and i riding in the bed of her truck hanging onto a couch. in the past 4 days, we have been exhausted, skipped working out, ate unhealthy, bruised and cut ourselves, and poor Henry even sprained his ankle (he was such a good helper).

i can't tell you that we are totally organized and settled, in fact, i can see it getting worse before it gets better, but i can tell you that we will get there, little by little. i can also tell you, that we have done all of this (and put together a bed frame and dresser) without a single argument. that's a good sign, right?

i'd be lying if i told you that i am not anxious about getting everything organized and feeling totally settled, but i am taking the time to appreciate this transition period is our lives and simply enjoying this experience. it all boils down to the fact that i am so excited to be living with my best friend and take on this new journey with him and Henry no matter how long it takes us to organize.

how is Henry adjusting??? besides his sprained ankle (which he very dramatically limps when he knows someone is watching), let's just say that he is managing.....

as you can see, he has been clutch in this move, pulling through for us even with a bad ankle....

as if moving isn't crazy by itself, our craziness continues through this next weekend. drew's little sister is graduating this thursday and her big celebration is on sunday. everyone is pitching in and really looking forward to celebrating her, her success and the next journey of her life! besides that, drew has one of his best friend's bachelor party on saturday which i'm sure will put him in prime condition for the graduation party on sunday :)

i am hoping to check in again sometime this week, but between work, unpacking, bar-making, decorating and celebrating, i am not making any promises.

in the meantime, we are currently looking for a solution for all of OUR shoes (along with a butter dish, don't ask), but if anyone has suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it!

always striving for more,
dee b.