Friday, August 30, 2013

.:overnight oats:.

after a long and much needed hiatus, i have decided that it was time to give my blog some love. while it was a nice break, i truly enjoy blogging and have missed it! i thought no one would really notice my absence, but since taking a break, i have had many people asking and wishing that i would update. thank you to those who appreciate my blog, i appreciate you!

how is it already the end of AUGUST?!?! summers in MN are short and much appreciated, but the emphasis on short creates almost a scrambling effect to fit in as much as possible before we hibernate for 6+ months. like past summers, drew and i have been BUSY - busy with family, friends, birthdays, soccer (him playing and me watching), weddings, house work, work and our new hobby, camping! more on all of that later, i wanted to write a (quick) post on a new healthy, staple for me that is incredibly easy for on the go!

mornings to me can mean a 6 am yoga class, biking to work or simply cherishing every minute of sleep that i can before facing the day. either way, i find myself running around the house trying to put myself and food together. while i am OK with going to work with wet hair or no makeup (although i try to avoid it), i refuse to compromise my food, especially breakfast! overnight oats have made my mornings easier, WAY easier. while this concept isn't new for many, it is to me, so i wanted to share the recipe for those who haven't seen the light!

overnight oats:
>> 2/3 cup coconut milk (or milk of your choice: almond, regular, etc)
>> 1/2 cup oats (i use Trader Joe's gluten free rolled oats)
>> 1/2 cup greek yogurt (i use a regular Chobani either vanilla or plain)
>> toppings: berries, cinnamon, pure maple syrup, raw honey

1. the night before, mix together all of the ingredients in a travel-friendly container - i use a short mason jar, very hipster (i'm told). if i know that i will have 5 minutes to spare in the morning, i may hold off on the toppings.
2. refrigerate the mixture overnight - they will be ready in 3 hours, but taste best overnight
3. throw it in your purse, work bag, gym bag and off you go!
why overnight oats are so awesome -
>> they are versatile for your taste and you can even change it up so you don't get tired of the flavor
>> full of protein (hello greek yogurt - you can even hide some protein powder in there)
>> travel easy
>> oats are great for metabolism
>> it's filling! i LOVE breakfast and i love having a breakfast that keeps me full until lunch
>> you can make a few servings at once and have breakfast ready for several mornings!

i promise to give updates more frequently now that i think things are slowing down....

always striving for more,
dee b.