Tuesday, February 12, 2013

.: pomegranate salsa :.

i wanted to throw this quick post together for a few reasons:. 1. i truly feel bad for slacking on my blog lately, i just can't seem to find the brainpower to do this at the end of my days right now. 2. i have been a little out of control with posting Instagram pics of my food lately (see right) and i have had a lot of requests for the recipes 3. it is the middle of dead fricken winter - i don't know who doesn't need a little spring in their step and this recipe just may do it!

i got this GREAT recipe from drew's mom - she's an awesome lady and forwards me a lot of good recipes to try and this one was no exception!

pomegranate salsa:.

>> seeds from 2 pomegranates (i cheated and bought package of seeds, but feel free to seed your own!)
>> small onion chopped (i used about 1/4 of an onion)
>> 10-15 sprigs of Cilantro, finely chopped (surprise, i cheated and used about 8 tsp of the dried stuff)
>> finely, finely chopped hot peppers to taste (i used 2 serrano peppers without the seeds and that was plenty for me!
>> 2 Tbsp of honey
>> juice from 1-2 limes : i had a crazy juicy lime so 1 was plenty
>> salt to taste (extra for me!)

mix it all together and voila! salsa that is all sorts of fancy and 'churched up'. i have heard that this salsa is better once it sits over night - there is a lot of juice that needs to be absorbed, it is still SO yummy the same day!

you can serve this simply with tortilla chips, on top of bruschetta bread, with quinoa (seriously, what doesn't go with quinoa?) and i am going to bring it to work the next couple days on top of a bed of spinach. this isn't the type of salsa that i could hammer in one night, but who knows? play around with it!

****this calls for 4 asterisks and more!!!! serrano peppers are SUPER hot - i figured that out, not only when i had a coughing attack from inhaling the fumes, but also when i went to take out my contacts 3 hours later! i even researched it once i could see again - do yourself a favor and rub some olive oil onto your hands before and after cutting up the serrano peppers. the juice will literally stay with you for hours - i may not even attempt to put my contacts in tomorrow morning.

enjoy! let me know what you think and what else you serve this fun salsa with!

always striving for more,
dee b.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

.: my new journey :.

i fully intended on writing this after my first week of work, not my second, but intentions don't always make things happen.

well, good news is that i have survived the first 2 weeks - it's setting in that this job is going to be my baby, my passion, my career. i am here to stay!

the first time they showed me my cube, i couldn't help but blush when i saw my own printer, 2 monitors, a laptop, a whiteboard and all sorts of filing options. i thought, 'whoa, i don't need all of this. maybe someone else needs it more than me - i'll check into it later'. my checking into was quietly pushed aside when i was given an office supplies catalog and told to mark whatever i wanted (oh yea, i went for the Swingline stapler). to be truthful, i wasn't sure what to order, i thought i had everything and more than i needed - even their pens in the general stock room are crazy nice! but with some help from my new co-workers, my 'first' order was placed. then i was handed a stack of business cards - i had to bite my tongue to stop myself from asking 'what do i need these for'? so, i Instragramed them instead.

i have been asked a lot, 'so, what exactly do you do?'. well, basically i am building a corporate wellness program. there were a few reoccurring events that i will need to continue, but they want a more robust program that caters to all employees. the purpose of a wellness program is to have resources available for employees to lead healthier lives (and reduce healthcare costs) such as smoking cessation, active lifestyles, healthier eating options, promoting preventive exams, and many more!

positives:. i had to push past the whole recent grad real job shock rather quickly, but aside from available resources, this job has so many positives! the facilities are impeccable with a cafeteria that offers different cuisines and salad bar everday. i don't have anyone checking in on me numerous times a day or asking me where i am going to lunch (long story, but i am past it). everyone is really nice and welcoming. i have received a lot of positive feedback and excitement towards the new program. lastly, i have been completely trusted in since day 1. i don't have many parameters that i need to follow - i was given a bunch of information and files on my first day and was told this is what we have, please let us know where you want to go from here.

negatives:. i. am. stressed. the first 2 weeks were super busy getting the wellness webpage ready (there wasn't one before) along with getting a communication finalized to send out to all the U.S employees. yes, just the U.S employees - did i tell you that i am the ONLY wellness coordinator for this massive company? yea, yikes is right! both of those are now launched and went over really well. now the real work starts. my next task is trying to figure where to take this program - there are so many different populations of workers to cater to and SO many directions i can take this. being 23, i don't have any experience building a corporate wellness program from the ground, up. what i do have is endless drive to create a program that every employee can benefit from (and stress induced acid reflux). seriously, i am ready to make opportunities available to empower employees towards healthier lifestyles. one step at a time, i will get there, right?! another bummer, is that i am one of the youngest ones in the company (obviously, right?). it has been hard to find a confidant, someone to have lunch with that i can relate it. it forces me to be more focused, but i came from a place where i had about 15 people close to my age and experience where we could email and hit up happy hour after work. this may happen eventually, but it may not.

i am so excited to have started this new journey. while it is taking more work and brainpower than my last job, it is exactly what i needed. i needed to be challenged, i needed a job where i can roll up my sleeves and dive right in. i know it isn't going to be all balloons and confetti, but i am in it for the long haul! while i am young, i have to keep reminding myself, they hired me and trusted me with this program for a reason and i refuse to let them down.

always striving for more,
dee b.

p.s. to my new followers - welcome! i am so humbled and excited by the idea of you joining my journey of life (post-grad). i promise things are typically more exciting around here, but my energy has been channeled elsewhere recently.....