Friday, December 9, 2011


my sincerest apologies friends for neglecting my blog for so long! it  has been over a week since i have written a post....

do i have an excuse? not really, just been very busy with LIFE!

updates in my life:.
>i am going to my hometown this weekend to see one of my good friends get married! i am so excited to see her little family officially become one!
>i am having a GREAT friend of mine stay with me for 2 weeks (we are already  1 week in). it is so wonderful to have her around to talk with, take my mind off of other things and workout with! ok, we have only worked out once together, but she does hold me accountable to go to bed earlier which is something i should HAVE to work on! you can also blame her for being the reason my blog has been slacking...jk, she was the first one who pointed out that i was slacking!
>i have been able to get about 2-3 runs, 2 yoga classes and at least 1-2 weight lifting sessions in per week. much better improvement than before, however still a lot of room for improvement, i'll get there!

one thing that i think has allowed me to stay in shape while not putting in as much time in the gym is going in there with an intention. i have found that you can accomplish a lot by only spending 30 mins in the gym if you know what to do. besides, there is nothing worse then spending an hour in the gym and realizing it was a waste of time and you could've burned more calories cleaning (which is also an area that is slacking...), am i right?

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i found this wonderful link to carrie underwood's leg workout, who doesn't want legs like carrie (or arms or hair or teeth for that matter)? she is absolutely stunning! not the, 'of course she looks good in an evening gown' stunning, but the stunning that still looks good kicking it in sweats, no makeup and greasy hair! can you tell i may be slightly jealous?

anyway, i am currently trying to compile little workouts like this one to target certain areas that i can either do at home or before practice at the gym. they will even come in handy if i ever decide to get my butt out of bed in the early morning for a short yet, effective workout. stay tuned for more!

>start training for the annual sprint triathlon that is held in my hometown every spring. last year i was not able to participate due to my knee surgery, but plan to participate and be in great shape when i do!
>go thru my clothes and simplify my closet, who doesn't need to do this? luckily i have 2 closets in my room, but with my friend staying with me, we are both realizing we have TOO many clothes. this is going to be something we will accomplish together.
>TRY getting out of bed next week for an early morning workout. i have been failing at this so miserably that i will set an alarm early enough to workout, but then oversleep and barely have enough time to get ready for work, yikes. i need to do better. also, if i am going to start swimming for this triathlon, the pool right across the street from my house (literally, right across the street which makes me look even more pathetic) has open swim from 7-9 am 3 days/wk.
>pay off my iPad. i finally have the money to do this and need to this ASAP before that money magically disappears....
>finish my christmas shopping:. my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and mf are completed! yaay! i get super excited to GIVE presents for Christmas! i also am known to get so excited that the presents don't stay a surprise for too long. here's to a new christmas tradition:. not spending over my budget on presents and keeping everyone's presents a secret.....

that is all i can think of for now, my mind is already checked out looking foward to a weekend full of fun!

what are you all up to this weekend? how's your christmas shopping going?

always striving for more,
dee b.

.:your greatness is measured by your gifts, not by what you have:.

i'm done! i'm done and have been done with this detox! SOOOO over it!

i made it to about 3 pm of Day 3. did i see significant weight loss? sure, i lost 3.5 lbs (probably a little more since this was a measurement at the beginning of Day 3) in 2 days. was it worth it? hell no! i truly do enjoy eating fresh fruits and veggies and maintaining a clean diet, with a few nights of completely sloppy food (just to keep my metabolism on its toes, of course), but i did not get enough nutrients to really function. by 3 o'clock,  i was sitting in my cube with a crazy headache feeling light-headed and dizzy. knowing that my evening included practice with my girls and squeezing in a run before, i knew i had to eat something with substance to survive.

before my run, i ate a bag of animal crackers and granola bar, the best things i could find in my work's vending machine. 20 minutes into my run, i was shaking and nauseas ready to just go home and forget about practice, but luckily, i brought my protein powder with me. if i did not have that protein to get me through practice, i may have passed out.  either way, i had a huge realization:. you absolutely CANNOT workout without fuel and your diet is just as important as your workout routine....lesson learned

let's see if i can keep that in mind at 11 pm when my stomach is growling for something unhealthy (read ice cream)

always striving for more,
dee b.