Friday, December 9, 2011

.:your greatness is measured by your gifts, not by what you have:.

i'm done! i'm done and have been done with this detox! SOOOO over it!

i made it to about 3 pm of Day 3. did i see significant weight loss? sure, i lost 3.5 lbs (probably a little more since this was a measurement at the beginning of Day 3) in 2 days. was it worth it? hell no! i truly do enjoy eating fresh fruits and veggies and maintaining a clean diet, with a few nights of completely sloppy food (just to keep my metabolism on its toes, of course), but i did not get enough nutrients to really function. by 3 o'clock,  i was sitting in my cube with a crazy headache feeling light-headed and dizzy. knowing that my evening included practice with my girls and squeezing in a run before, i knew i had to eat something with substance to survive.

before my run, i ate a bag of animal crackers and granola bar, the best things i could find in my work's vending machine. 20 minutes into my run, i was shaking and nauseas ready to just go home and forget about practice, but luckily, i brought my protein powder with me. if i did not have that protein to get me through practice, i may have passed out.  either way, i had a huge realization:. you absolutely CANNOT workout without fuel and your diet is just as important as your workout routine....lesson learned

let's see if i can keep that in mind at 11 pm when my stomach is growling for something unhealthy (read ice cream)

always striving for more,
dee b.

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