Thursday, January 12, 2012


hello friends!

just thought i'd check in to see how all of your resolutions are going and to let you know how mine are doing......

this has got to be one of the simplest, yet greatest creations ever. this was a christmas present from my mom (think it's a suddle enough hint to get organized?). as you can see i have LOTS of jewelry and this thing has a ton of compartments (the backside is all pockets as well) to keep it all separate, untangled and best of all, easy to find! you should have seen my jewelry box before this--my MOH and i spent a good chunk of an evening talking while untangling necklaces, bracelets and earrings. i'll be honest and say that we weren't able to salvage all of them and there is still a small ball that needs to untangled! nonetheless, here is a simple, yet effective way to de-clutter!

as far as my other ones, there are going mediocre.....
i am going to begin training for my triathon tomorrow (i know, i know, yesterday i said tomorrow). i already have bag packed ready to head to the pool at 6:45 AM to begin learning how to swim again.....

my room is FAIRLY organized which i am going to consider a win. between going from work to coaching or running or yoga or having a social life, i can go thru MANY outfits in one day and if most of my clothes make it to where they belong, i'll call it good :) (what do you think mom?)

in the past few days, i did decide on a few more resolutions:.
>sleep more! i can always find time to run, yoga, clean, have a social life, but the one thing that i can't seem to fit into my schedule is more sleep! i thought after college i would be well-rested and on a consistent 8-hour/night sleep schedule. well, it hasn't exactly happened that way, especially when the mf and i decide to watch just ONE more episode of Criminal Minds....
>blog more:. i don't believe this requires further explanation....
>drink more lemon water! does anyone else know all the health benefits of spicing up regular H20 with lemon slices??? it's crazy, i've now decided to dedicate an entire post on this, stay tuned!

how are your resolutions going? have you found effective (yet efficient) ways to make them stick?

always striving for more,
dee b.

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