Monday, April 15, 2013


ok, again, if you guys follow me on any type of social media, you saw the flood of pictures and posts while i was preparing for the .:get balanced:. work shop which kicks off today!!!

as with any healthy lifestyle, preparation is key - if you fail to plan then you plan to fail! i was feeling slightly overwhelmed when i started to read through the .:get balanced:. materials, so i knew in order to stick to this new plan, i needed to dedicate some serious time and concentration to plan. seriously, once i gave it my full attention, digesting all the information and recipes wasn't bad at all!

i spent about 45 minutes reading through all of the materials and creating a grocery list for several recipes that i thought would be great starting points. being the OCD list maker that i am, i then organized my list by sections:. produce, oils/vinegars, spices, dried fruits and miscs that i had never looked for before and may have to ask for help to find.

armed with my list, i headed to Trader Joe's. i will admit that i was nervous because a lot of stuff i have never bought before, so i didn't know where to even look for it. well, guess what?! they were all REAL THINGS and easy to find! i was impressed with myself when i found almost everything on my list in one place - ok, i realize it also had a lot to do with Trader Joe's set up as well as how everything was set up thanks to .:get balanced:.after Trader Joe's, i headed to Whole Foods to get the rest of my list. thank goodness, drew didn't come with on this grocery trip or i think he would have abandoned me - picture this, i had my organized list and was crossing everything off as soon as i found it, not only to feel accomplished, but to make sure i didn't miss a thing!

with 4 LARGE bags of groceries, i headed for home SO excited to try all of these new recipes.

knowing that i had a busy week and wouldn't have much time to prepare anything, i spent about 4 hours in the kitchen yesterday making several recipes in bulk. some of the recipes that i tried included banana buckwheat muffins, thyme roasted chickpeas, quinoa granola, cooking lentils and quinoa for the week, hard boiling eggs, mustard detox salad dressing and tahini sauce. i also juiced jicama, beets, kale and a green apple - something i have NEVER tried, but am excited to see how it tastes. i LOVE being able to spend an entire day in the kitchen, but i haven't had any motivation to do that lately, so i really enjoyed trying the new recipes and at the same time knowing that i was setting myself up to really succeed throughout .:get balanced:.

a few of you have asked me whether this whole workshop will be 'worth the money', what to expect and how much work it will be. well, here is my final answer - it does take a certain amout of time and dedication, but it is not an overwhelming amount! it would be like any other time when you are trying a new recipe. if you are looking to shake up your every day recipes,  balance your hormes and feel more alive then.:get balanced:.this is an easy plan that is dairy-free, gluten free and essentially sugar free (aside from the natural sugar in the REAL food that you will be eating). you still have until April 24th to join and you wouldn't have missed a thing!

here is a run down of my menu today for my first day of .:get balanced:.
breakfast:. quinoa granola with unsweetend almond milk. this was a really good subsitute to my EVERYDAY oatmeal with brown sugar. it was good and it kept me full for 2 hours.
mid- morning snack:. banana buckwheat muffin - i just had this and it was good, it was a nice substitute to my regular
lunch:. detox salad - kale and cabbage salad with broccoli and dried cranberries mixed with the detox salad dressing. i am hoping to squeeze in my beet, jicama juice here as well.
mid-afternoon snack:. i brought a few things to choose from either a hard boiled egg, dried fruit or roasted chickpeas.
dinner:. dinner is still up in the air, but i am hoping we will have to time to roast a full chicken we recently got from our meat CSA (more information on this in the next post). with the leftovers, i intend to make a healing, gluten-free chicken soup that was a recipe provided.

worth noting - this is NOT a detox or a cleanse. this is a real, whole food approach to balance your body. you will not starve - you are simply helping yourself and your body by being more aware of what you are putting in your body! click here for more information ---> .:get balanced:.

until the next update - here's to willpower!

always striving for more,
dee b.

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