Sunday, November 6, 2011

.:no struggle, no progress:.

here, i find myself on a late sunday night again, trying to post before i go to bed. i must apologize for letting my blog slack so early in its existence, but to my defense i was quite sick all week. i woke up tuesday with a nasty sore throat and it has progressed into a strong cough (hacking or wheezing may be more accurate). alas, i survived this week and am hoping to be back to 100% soon!

so many things to update you on! first and foremost, a goal was nixed off the list! the cutest guy i know is now the smartest guy i know, he passed his important test! ok, maybe i really didn't have to do much (besides help him celebrate) and it was more his goal than mine, but nonetheless i am uber proud of him and can't wait to see where this takes his career! 

another big goal was accomplished this weekend, successfully getting my girls through their first basketball tournament! i am proud to announce that we placed 4th (out of 8 teams). we did a lot of great things this weekend, but we have also have a lot of work to do before our next tournament. the biggest (and most important) feat accomplished was how the girls realized they are going to have to take their 'in house' basketball skills up a level to compete in traveling and they reacted. for that, i am proud of them. we are ready to hit the court hard this week, make adjustments and continue to get better. 

it's intimidating knowing that i am making a big impact on these girls' basketball careers as well as their overall growth into teenagers. on the other hand, they may be impacting me more. remember turning double digits for the first time? how simple life was, yet how hard it seemed? these girls inspire me to celebrate the little victories and to remain optimistic even when its easier get down. an example of this:. a player came into a huddle at the end of the 3rd quarter and exclaimed, 'coach, we're not winning yet!', a teammate replied for me, 'it doesn't matter if we're winning or losing, it matters that we're trying our best!'. i couldn't have said it better myself. we may have been down by 20-some points, but i left that game knowing the girls remained positive and held each other up as team.

i'll admit things as a new college grad is not easy. it's exciting, exhausting and scary. you have a plan that you made for yourself in high school, you were hell-bound to make that plan happen and nothing was going to stand in your way. according to my plan, at 22, i was going to be attending a top-notch physical therapy school, married with a dog and possibly a cute starter house. i heard a saying, if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. well God, i'll laugh with you on that one. things don't always go as planned, but as long as you're trying your best, that's all that matters. 

the time has come to buck up and set some more goals for myself because lately, i am feeling unaccomplished:.

-get better **
-attend yoga at least 3 times this week
-organize my car
-get 8 hours of sleep/night 
-not spend any money between now and thursday (ok, my gas light just turned out, so after that i'm done!)

keeping it simple this week, friends!

i'll leave you with one more picture....

here was my attempt to enjoy a bubble bath and catching up on gossip girls while sick this week. he doesn't seem very sympathetic, does he? thank you, henry!

i promise you will be seeing more of me this week!

always striving for more,
dee b. 

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