Tuesday, November 8, 2011

happy tuesday!

i have survived monday (barely) and have officially been sick for a week! i am proud to say that i pushed through a yoga sculpt class (burning 454 cals in 1 hr) last night which sets me up to accomplish my goal of attending 3 yoga classes this week, yaay! i am very motivated to start getting back into the gym, i've let my new work and coaching schedule get in the way too much and it's time to start making this a priority again. does anyone else feel empowered when leaving the gym? well, i'm starting to forget what that feeling is.....

alright friends, i have a confession to make, i'm an addict. i am officially confessing my addiction to pinterest; it is the first thing i log in to at work (after the necessary login windows). i really enjoy finding out new recipes (many will be posted here after i try them), getting fun ideas for DIY projects or simply scrolling through all the pictures (and sharing them with my man friend which he is so enthused about). if you haven't checked it out, i highly suggest it!

here is a picture of my dad and i sharing our first father/daughter dance a few years ago at my cousin's wedding.  i'm sharing this picture with you to tell you how truly blessed i am to have this man as my father. although this picture may show otherwise, i was not always a daddy's girl. i have 2 older brothers who bonded more with him growing up than i thought i ever could. over the years, we have grown closer and i matured to appreciate his advice and guidance. i may have hated having to do chores and things called responsibilities when i was younger, but today, i look back and know that i would not be where i am at today without that type of push. my dad travels a lot for his job and he was in middle of nowhere WI last night when he hit a deer, the airbags deployed and his new business car may be totaled, but he was able to walk away. events like this make you reflect and be thankful for all the moments you had with that certain someone. my dad and i get each other. we make ridiculous jokes (sorry, mom), quotes movies (joe dirt) and interrupt dinner prayers (dear 6 lb 7 oz baby Jesus). my dad takes care of me, from supplying the extra car parts i have in the trunk of my car to making sure i have enough food to eat to washing my car while i sleep in on saturday mornings. i know one day i will have to face this world without him, but i know the values that he's instilled (and i'm sure i'll still have some of those extra car parts) will live on. for now, i can't wait to continue the memories and to share our father/daughter dance at my own wedding (which we already have a song pick out for :) ). Love you Dad!

i am spending this quiet evening (rare) getting caught up on laundry, cleaning, making a good meal (pot roast) and simply relaxing with my 2 guys (kitten and bf). i am in high hopes that i will feel better soon and i can get started on a new workout plan tomorrow and try out my new workout mix! i am excited to share with you a website that offers free mixes to help inspire your runs or push you through those last few reps. this wonderful website is rockmyrun.com and they offer various mixes that range in BPM to specialize to your workouts. i haven't tried out my mixes yet thanks to this cold, but i will let you know how they go!

now that it's getting cold outside, what's your favorite way to sweat?

always striving for more,
dee b.

p.s. the recipe for my pot roast is simple, healthy, yet delicious!
all you need to do is a crock pot, roast, carrots and potatoes. first, put the roast in and fill around it with carrots and cut up potatoes. pour a cup of water into the crock pot and let sit for 6-8 hours. you know it's done when the roast is falling apart :)

i promise more interesting recipes are on the way!

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