Tuesday, January 22, 2013

.: 2 years of bliss :.

can i just take a moment and gloat about my relationship??? drew and i just celebrated our 2 year anniversary!

as with any anniversary, you reflect on the time that has passed and how you have changed during that time. i can confidently say that i have changed in the past 2 years, for the better.

drew and i have a crazy connection, a relationship full of love, respect and equality. we have similar interests and characteristics. we both have high expectations for ourselves and each other. we are realistic, yet share big aspirations. we are practical, yet fun.

as i mentioned before, we have had a busy few weeks with the holidays, my new job and drew's birthday that we actually forgot to plan something for our anniversary. on saturday, we went to the Timberwolves game with my brother and sister-in-law - SO much fun!!! drew and i don't go out very often for many reasons,the top 2 are money and sleep (we're practical, remember?), but we had a great time with great company - we even managed to stay awake until 2! sunday, our anniversay, we headed to the Mall of America (in sweats) to shoe shop and think about how we wanted to spend our day together. 6 hours, 5 games of bowling, 3 pairs of shoes and 2 beers later, we had the best anniversary either of us could have asked for.

by spending our anniversary in sweats with no stress, we honored our relationship the best way we know how - by being ourselves! we don't need expensive dinners, fancy clothes or extravagant gifts to keep us together, we literally just need quality time. i'm not trying to fool you, we have fought once or twice before, we have our flaws, but through them we have never lost sight of who we are and what we have as a couple. 


i may tell you this close to everyday, but i mean it every time - you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. i couldn't dream up a better partner than you and i am so glad that life brought us together when it did. you make me want to do the best and be the best because you deserve nothing else. the past 2 years have been incredibly easy and successful, i know the next 2 will be just the same! 

(p.s. you can come home from soccer now - i feel like a crazy cat lady when you have late night games). 

our first picture together as a couple:. 

our most recent picture taken :.

please don't comment which one you like better - one is mid summer and one is dead winter, totally not fair! ;)

always striving for more,
dee b.

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